Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day Care Part 2

I am so happy to report that Miss A will be in her own home until mid-August.  We found a great girl, the daughter of a co-worker, who is willing to come to our house and watch her.  She is super nice and is willing to do it for an amount we can afford.  I feel so much better knowing that she will be in her own home, with her things and her crib until she is about 8 months old!!  Yeah!!  And we worked it out so that the husband will take Monday off,  I will take Friday off, and this way she is only being watched Tuesday through Thursday from about 9am to 3pm.  I can live with that....for now!

And to top it all off a parent of a former student of mine (I teach 2nd grade) has possibly offered to watch Avery at her home starting mid/late August.  This is not set in stone, but sounds like a great option!  Her own children are some of the best behaved students at my school and loved by all their teachers.  Best of all I can just take Avery to work with me in the morning, the parent will drop her kids off and pick mine up.  And at the end of the school day she will drop Avery off to me and pick her kids up from school.

Someone once told me that somehow all finds a way of working out!  About a month ago I was feeling like that was not going to be the case.  But now look!  We have had great people come forward to offer to watch Avery so that she doesn't need to go to a day care facility anytime soon!  This makes mommy very happy (as I am not sure how much Miss A would have noticed or cared)!  Sometimes it comes down to what makes the parents comfortable!!

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