Friday, March 5, 2010

road trips, growth spurts and teething?!

What a week!  I have been meaning to write about sleep training and about an award a friend gave to this blog, but Avery started her three month growth spurt and we had a trip to the in-laws over the weekend, so needless to say I have had NO time to write.

So to start...a 4 1/2 hour car ride with a 3 month old is NOT fun!  Well, at least not with my 3 month old.  I felt so bad for her.  She did really well for about 3 hours, which by the way I think is great!  But then after that she lost it.  Feeding was difficult in a small car, as was traveling with a bunch of stuff.  And sleeping in someone else's house wasn't too great either.  We do not sleep in the same room as Avery at home so that was an adjustment for us.  She didn't sleep well in her travel bassinet.  Or maybe she didn't sleep well because everyone but me thought a 3 month old could go hours on end with no nap!  All that does is make sleeping impossible later.  I actually put her in bed with me early Sunday morning around 3 am because I felt so bad for her crying in her bassinet.

And then the growth spurt...I had been wondering when it would hit.  Foolishly I thought maybe Avery would just "skip" it.  Or maybe it would just be really mild and spread out over a couple of weeks.  She HAD been a bit fussy lately.  But no!  It has come!  She is back to crying a lot.  I feel like I did before she turned 2 months.  A lot of soothing, holding and walking around with her.  She also eats A LOT!  Her sleep cues seemed to have disappeared.  She makes strange crying noises.  I cannot tell if it is because her voice/cries are changing or if she is just hoarse from crying so much.  Her night sleep seems to be the only thing unaffected by this whole thing...THANK GOODNESS!  Which is why I was reluctant to think it was a growth spurt at all.  The only bad sleep she had was at my in-laws and I think that was just because she was in a different place with different smells and sounds.  The oddest thing is that she is wanting to "chew" on our fingers and hands.  Now she has always loved to try and put our fingers in her mouth.  And if she succeeded she would suck.  But now it is a definite gnawing action.  I have heard that some babies do get teeth this early...but I am not ready for that just yet.

STOP GROWING!  Gosh it goes so fast!  I saw a newborn at the doctor's office the other day and could not believe that she was ever that small.

So soon I will write the post about sleep training and the cute award that was given, but for now this random post about miscellaneous stuff will have to do.

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  1. Growth spurts are so incredibly exhausting. Hopefully it will only be a couple of days. Camden's 3 month one lasted pretty long.

    To answer your tummy time question, he never stays up more than a couple of minutes before he face plants either. And he's always exhausted (and frustrated) at the end.

    Looking forward to your sleep training post!