Saturday, February 6, 2010

out and about: date night

Husband and I had our first date night last night.  We left Miss A in the hands of 3 very capable adults and 1 very excited 3 year old.  I was really worried all day long about leaving her.  The only person we have left her with before is my mom.  Other than that either Husband or I have stayed behind to be with her.  In the end it wasn't as hard to leave as I thought it was going to be.  Although, it did feel like we were missing something the entire dinner.  We only stayed out for about 2 hours.  We went to our favorite neighborhood sushi restaurant, Kabuto, and ate and drank until we couldn't eat and drink anymore.  Then we hit up our local coffee shop for a cappuccino and dessert.  It was nice.  Husband being extremely sweet mentioned that he would rather have date night on Saturday because being at work all day Friday and then leaving her again an hour or so later was too hard....awww!

Talking to a girlfriend the other night, she mentioned that going to a more causal place for beers and a bite was better than getting all fancied up because there were less expectations that the date night would be SO special.  Plus she added that her and her husband just wanted to do the normal things they used to do before their little one was born, and going to big fancy dinners a few times a month wasn't one of them.  She saves that for special occasions.

This was our first date night.  We do not have another one scheduled yet.  How often do people go on date nights?  Would you rather go to a neighborhood place and be casual or get all decked out and have a fancy dinner? 

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