Thursday, June 10, 2010

love it: prince lionheart seat

With Avery starting solids came a whole slew of questions.  What kind of food should she try first?  Will she like it or will I be exclusively breast feeding forever?  Where are all those bibs we got at the showers?  How often do I give her solids?  How much do I give her at one time?  But never in all of these musings did I think about where she would sit.  She was always in my arms or dad's arms to eat.  

So as I am dissolving her rice cereal into warmed milk, and Miss A is screaming wondering what in the world is taking so long, the husband is running around and entertaining (distracting) her.  He asks, "Where do you want to feed her?"  I stop stirring and must admit I was a bit stumped.  I knew there was a highchair type thing that attached to a dining room chair downstairs in the basement in a box, but that would take forever to get and set up.  She could sit in her bouncy chair, but it seemed a bit too reclined for eating.  Our laps?  Wait, no!  Someone gave us one of those soft, rubbery chairs!  We grabbed it and it worked perfectly!  

Now, Avery has been eating solids for well over a month and a half and I still don't know the name of the chair.  I always just say the "blue rubbery one."  But in order to do this post I had to look up the name and it is bébéPOD Infant Seat .    I think I will continue to call it the "blue rubbery one."  Anyway, we love it!  Avery loves it!  And I feel like it has given her some good practice at sitting, which she does quite well on her own now!  Eventually she will be in a proper highchair to eat, but for now this is her eating chair!

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