Wednesday, June 9, 2010

summer vacation

So obviously being a working mom has limited my ability to keep up with this blog.  I am trying to figure out a way to remedy that!  But right now, it is summer break.  I have the next month off of work with my little Miss A and I am super excited about it.

Why only one month you ask?  Aren't teachers supposed to get three months off?  Well yes, and no.  I work at an extended year school, so we go to school 5 weeks in the middle of summer (yes, extra school).  The students actually attend school about 25 more days a year than traditional schools.  As for us teachers, if we work our 25 summer days, we get to take 25 days off in the regular part of the year (because the district is too cheap to pay us.  Cheaper for them to pay a sub and give us the days off).  But in the case of Miss A, this works brilliantly!  With those 25 days I am able to take most Fridays off during the year to be with her.  A four day work week is nothing to scoff at!

So what plans do we have?  None really.  Just time to hang out and have mini-adventures with my little girl.  Who by the way has 2 teeth, is sitting up, slept through the night (I am talking 10-11 hour stretches) 3 out of the last 4 nights, eating solid food like it is going out of style and bathing on the "toddler" side of her bathtub!  And now that I am off work, maybe I will get a chance to blog about some of those amazing things she is capable of!

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  1. Welcome back!! Enjoy your time off just hanging out with your little girl. Sounds like she's done a lot of growing and changing. Amazing how fast that happens, isn't it?