Friday, May 7, 2010

back to work

So I officially finished my first week back to work.  And in the end, I am sort of happy that I went back (so far anyway).  Here are a few things that I think helped to make it a smooth transition:

  • I was very prepared and planned in advance all the little details that usually trip me up during the week (i.e. dinner menu planned, grocery shopping done, clothes picked out ahead of time, weeks of work planned out (even went in to work the weekend before to do a few things and just soak in the fact that I was going to be back)).
  • I found a great babysitter to come to the house.  We did some preliminary meetings so Avery could get used to her.  We did a trial afternoon, where I ran errands in the neighborhood and left the two of them alone.  This way Avery was comfortable and so was I.
  • I took Friday off (all Fridays, in fact).  It made the work week bearable to know that it was only 4 days.
  • I also created a little "ritual," if you will, for when I get to work that includes my morning cup of coffee (decaf, of course) and breakfast.  It is quiet in the building and nice to have a bit of me time before the day really gets going.  (Why don't I do this at home?  Read my post tomorrow and you will find out!)
Anyway, I know I would rather be with my daughter 24/7, but IF I have to be back at work this is about as good as it gets.  I am surprisingly happy!  Today, my day off, was spent cuddling my little one, baking cookies and napping.  A well deserved day of rest and loves if you ask me!

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  1. I'm so glad things are working out well. You sound very prepared so I'm sure that helped a lot. You are doing a great job!